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PI NBR Insulation

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PI NBR Insulation

PI – NBR Insulation :

PI – NBR is a flexible thermal insulation material made from closed cell polyolefin foam it’s quick and easy to install and available as pipe, sheets and rolls in a wide range of sizes . It’s dust free and CFC free with an Ozone depletion potential of zero, which means an environmentally friendly product
PI-NBR is light, flex and has excellent property of isolation [Thermal & acoustic]. It has easy handling characteristics [packing, storage, transportation] cutting and is incorrigible.

Dew, build up of bacteria and fungus prevention :
Closed cell structure of our product has improved its properties compared to other insulation products such as rubber-based; wool-glass, fiber-glass etc. It has very low thermal conductivity and negligible water absorption. The closed cell structure not only presents consistent heat insulating properties but also it prevents build up of bacterial contamination and formation of fungus and dew.

Easy Installation :
It’s capability of easy fabrication and close adhesion to duct makes it an excellent choice for any shape of duct insulation. PI-NBR Does not emit dust or fiber practices during installation, no special tools precautions [face, mask or gloves] are required during installation.

Thermal Conductivity :
The Cross linked closed cell structure of PI-NBR, it’s composition of independent air cells The exterior aluminum foil Embossed surface lamination keeps air gabs between foam and Foil decreasing thermal conductivity [λ] and promotes extremely very low thermal conductivity for excellent heat insulation, at Mean temperature 0 C0 [λ] = 0.032 w/mk, at Mean temperature (40C0) [λ] = 0.036 w/mk.

Fire performance & non flammability :
PI-NBR Foam material is fire retardant grade, self-fire extinguishable, neither spreads flame no generates flaming drops, PI-NBR satisfies the requirements of BS 476 Part 7 Class 1 and BS 476 Part 6, achiving Class (0) status under Building Regulation and emits no Toxic smoke or poisonous gases when fired, while other insulation materials like Rubber-based, wool glass, fiberglass etc has a chemical material named Acrylonitrile (Vinyl Cyanide) which itself is s toxic chemical and is listed in united states Fire Administration as hazardous material

Aluminium foil surface lamination :
The exterior aluminum foil Embossed surface animation keeps air gabs between foam and Foil decreasing thermal conductivity [λ] and improves fireproof performance, reinforced Foil with Polyethylene film, gives another advantage for mechanical loads tension for foam surface preventing cracks for long time usage and protection of weather condition variability, Aluminum foil surface coating with Low density Polyethylene coat increase it’s resistance against weather conditions improves fireproof performance.