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Pre-Insulated Duct Panel


  - Polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam panel with 45kg/m3 density, coated with 80/80µm thick embossed aluminium foil.
  - Two panel types:
    PI-20: 20mm thickness
    PI-30: 30mm thickness

  - For construction of air ducting in heating, ventilation and
    air-conditioning systems (HVAC).

Panels Characteristic



Data Sheet

45 kg/m3
80/80 µm
35 kg/m3
80/80 µm
45 kg/m3
80/200 µm

Description in the Project:

- Pre-insulated aluminum ducts PI-20 / PI-30 built with four separate faces, lengthwise glued, sealed with silicone inside angle and with aluminum tape for the exterior angle.
- Cross-joints with glued male & female fit.

The ducts of aluminum Delta are the result of a rigorous work elaborated during many years by professionals of the duct field that thought about the necessity to find solutions to the habitual daily problems.They began making a study of which would be the qualities required to a theoretical ideal ducting, keeping in mind for it three basic factors: TECHNICIAN, PRACTICAL and ECONOMIC.

Qualities of the "Ideal Duct":

1- Indoor Air Quality (IAQ):
- Current demand: the Indoor Air Quality inside of the duct
- Very high benefits of hygiene
- PI solves it with pure aluminium
- VERY CLEAN: the air is always only in contact with pure aluminium
- The insulation doesn't remove particles
- Easy to clean

2- Load Loss:
- Practically the same as the sheet metal (GI)
- Total ruggedness: K=0,025
- Standard calculation charts: doesn't need to apply any correction factor

3- Thermal Insulation:
- The Polyisocyanurate (PIR) rigid foam is of closed cell
- Very high benefits of thermal insulation: 20 or 30mm of thickness
- Continuous insulation in all the points of the installation
- Total elimination of the thermal bridges
- It annuls the condensation risks
- Bigger yield of the installation
- Smaller cost of exploitation
See insulation (File Excel)

4 -Acoustic Behavior:
- Behavior like as the sheet metal (GI)
- To desing with the same approaches
See graphic (File Excel)

5- Sealed Lengths:
- The system doesn't use mechanical unions
- The ducts and pieces are built of four faces (strips) separate and of 3.000 mm long
- All the faces ones are glued lengthwise, sealed with silicone the interior angles and with aluminum tape for the exterior
- This system makes practically impossible any longitudinal loss leackage

6- Sealed Cross-Joints:
- The PIR rigid foam allows to cut male and female with a perfect step, guaranteeing the perfect union among two pieces.
- The male and female cross-joint fit are glued and with aluminum tape for the exterior
- Cross-joints fit each 3.000mm, reducing drastically the number of joints and the possibility of losses leackage

7- Mechanical Resistance:
- The ducts built with PI pre-isolated aluminum panels resists very high levels of pressure, so positive as negative:
·PI-20 (20mm): <1.000 Pa
·PI-30 (30mm): <1.400 Pa
- Once built, the ducts and pieces acquire a great resistance and rigidity
See reinforcements (Archivo Excel)

8- Impact Resistance:
Light, but very resistant
- Installed inside the buildings it is not necessary to take any special caution
- Installed outside of the buildings they should be protected of the meteorological inclemencies: rain, hail and wind
- The protection of the rain and of the hail it is solved easily with the application of a special painting
- The protection of the wind is solved with the appropriate supports

9- Long-Life Materials:
- The PEARL pre-insulated aluminium panels is compound for two materials:
·External protection: foil pure aluminium embossed in both faces
·Inside insulation: PIR rigid foam
- Both materials are unalterable in the time and they don't suffer any type of environmental corrosion neither aging

10- Weight:
- Light, but very resistant:
.PI- 20 (20mm): weight 1,1 kg/m2
.PI- 30 (30mm): weight 1,4 kg/m2
- It is equal at 1/6 of the weight of the sheet metal (GI) ducts without isolation
- Easy to transpot, to handle, to build and to install

11- Dimension and Shape:
- Thanks to the qualities and characteristic of the PI pre-insulated panels the ducts and shape can be built without limits of measures and forms
- You can get this way any dimension and shape that you can need and always fulfilling international standards: Ashrae, Smacna, etc...

12- Easy to Build:
-Ducts and shape always built with four separate faces (strips) of 4.000mm of long
-The strips are cut lengthwise to 45º right and left in both sides
-The system allow standardized measures
-The system allow to create stock of strips and to be early to the demand, contributing a great reaction capacity
-In practically is an DIY
-See more details in Manual page

13- Regulations:
-The ducts built with the PI panels fulfills the Standard regulations, as well as with the most of the international regulations and standards
-The classification of the fire reaction are in concordance with the Standard regulation. Is certified as class M-1

14- Economic:
-The PEARL pre-insulated aluminium ducts are considered as an true alternative at the traditional ducts of sheet metal (GI) with insulation
-But the price is at same level of the fiber glass duct boards
-The BEST quality-Price relationship of the market

Application of PI panels:

Installation Requirements
High hygiene capacities
Where ducting of fibre glass is traditionally used
Where they traditionally used sheet ducting
Ducting of small and medium size
Medium to large ducting
Low and medium pressure levels (>1.000Pa)
Medium and high pressure levels (<1.400Pa)
Normal insulation capacities
High insulation capacities
Visible installations
Installed in the interior of a building
Installed on the exterior of a building
Little loading on the building structure
High resistance



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